Strategic Marketing Consultancy

An ever evolving industry. Constantly fluctuating consumer behaviour. And a host of unknowns. In the midst of this, is the entrepreneur with a product idea. Or the company with a sales graph that keeps succumbing to gravity. How do they gain and retain leadership in such an environment?

At CR&C, we enable start-ups and established firms gauge the broadest market parameters in the deepest possible manner. They include market potential, market size, growth rate, competition, distribution channel analysis, customer needs and perception, macro environment (sociopolitical - legal factors) etc.

With this, we help the enterprise formulate a strategic marketing plan, taking into account the constraints imposed by limited resources. We can even chalk out an optimal strategy, designed to maximize market performance.

Statistical Consultancy

Our expertise in statistical consultancy encompasses both Statistical Quality Control and Statistical Analysis. In Statistical Quality Analysis, we help our clients to reduce manufacturing costs through Statistical Quality Control and Designed Experiments. In Statistical Analysis, we undertake analysis of both primary and secondary data.

Areas of Expertise
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Forecasting and time-series analysis
  • Non-parametric methods
  • Experimental design
  • Univariate and multivariate analysis
  • Modelling
  • Sample size determination
  • Conjoint analysis


Marketing Research


CR&C puts to use effective consumer research tools to help firms understand customer perceptions, attitudes, purchase patterns, likes and dislikes. These tools include Usage and Attitude Studies, Customer Satisfaction Studies, Target Consumer Profile Research, Buying Behavior Research, Tracking Studies.


CR&C enables customers make an informed decision to withstand the onslaught of competition, through a range of tailor-made business research tools. Our field staff and strategy analysts work in tandem to interpret the accurately culled data and transform it into 'knowledge' that truly empowers our customers. Tools deployed include Trade Surveys, Competition analysis, Market share/ potential/ size estimation & Mystery Shopping.


“Will this product succeed in the market?” “Is there any area of improvement?” “What is the niche this product should occupy in the marketplace?” When products raise the marketer's eyebrows, CR&C puts them in the right perspective. With our innate consumer insights, strategic thinking and irreplaceable hard work. Tools used in product research are: Concept and Product Testing, Brand Positioning Study, Packaging Test & Price Sensitivity test.


CR&C has in place a team of advertising research experts who can ensure whether the message has reached the right target audience and how they have perceived the message. To minimize the risk, the media campaign can even be tested before-hand facilitating the easy selection of creative options available. Techniques used: Ad campaign pre-testing, Ad campaign effectiveness study.


Through readership/ viewership studies, CR&C helps marketers in understanding the reader profile. These studies throw light on the linkages between the socio-economic profiles of readers and what they read, in turn helping the marketer opt the right media vehicles to carry his product's message. Tools used: Readership/TV viewership studies.


Image perception among customers and employees... The effectiveness of Public Relations campaign... The likely winner of the next elections... When it comes to gauging public opinion, CR&C’s expertise and experience is unparalleled in the industry.The service gamut comprises: Corporate Image/Perception Study, Public Relation Campaign Evaluation, Political poll & opinion survey.